Slotomania for Android and iPhone

Slotomania for Android and iPhone

Slotomania is available for both Android and iOS devices and both kinds of users can enjoy the same amount of opportunities. The Slotomania application is free to download and when you properly put the trick and tips to use you will be able to play the Slotomania games for free as well. You can earn … Read more

Claim the Slotomania Welcome Bonuses

Slotomania Welcome Bonuses

How you can claim the Slotomania Welcome Bonuses: To earn as many Slotomania Welcome Bonuses, you need to make sure that you download the application. You will not be able to claim the bonus as long as you do not have the app downloaded on your device. For this bonus of Slotomania free coins, you … Read more

The Slotomania Welcome Bonus

Slotomania Bonus

In the traditional and boring way of playing slot games, you would pay for each coin that you will be using for Slotomania Welcome Bonus, or you could win coins. however, if you know the right tricks and tips you can win hundreds and hundreds worth of Slotomania free coins. When you download the app … Read more