How to get free chips for Doubledown on Facebook

Get free chips for doubledown on Facebook

Social platforms like Facebook and twitter are the largest market for promo codes and new opportunities on Doubledown games.

Most people will log onto the Facebook page to make use of their Doubledown codes. However, sometimes it becomes more difficult to avail these offers here are a few reasons why:

The server may crash:

When the Doubledown codes are offered for a limited amount of time there are several people who might be clicking on the link for the daily codes, sometimes this becomes too overwhelming for the server so it might not process your offer.

Refresh your page: 

Sometimes you might be able to click on the codes but you will not get the message that you received the codes. This is an indication that you need to refresh your page and make sure that you are properly clicking on the link.

Note your balance:

When you know your balance and you know what amount of money you had and what amount of code you availed it is easier to track down if you have availed the code or not.

How to get free chips on double down:

If you have played on an online or any type of at all for that matter then you will be aware that free chips on double down are one of the best opportunities that you cannot pass upon.

You would think that being a member of the Doubledown you would get these opportunities in your lap; however, this is not the case.

Although you might get the promotional opportunities on a daily basis that keep you grounded to the games, however, if you do not look for proper opportunities you are unlikely to find the better ones.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure that you are not missing out on opportunities:

  • Keep updated with the social media platforms and websites where the frequent updates about these offers are uploaded
  • Share gifts with friends and family on the same platform.
  • Make strategic use of your promo codes and make sure that you are familiar with all the conditions of the promo code’s validity
  • Make sure that you are regularly using the Doubledown platforms online.

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